Master 2° Livello in Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies

L'Università Telematica Guglielmo Marconi bandisce un master universitario online di 2° livello in "Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies" della durata di un anno.

The increasing impact that new technologies have on our lifestyles, the means of information and knowledge transmission and the education sector in general is continuously transforming and updating the traditional educational setting and its methods.
As a consequence to the rapid spread of emerging technologies and to the sharing and globalization of knowledge, new in - demand competences and skills are required for those operating in the educational field.

The Master in Educational Leadership, Management and Emerging Technologies responds to this important process of innovation of teaching/learning theory and practice, providing a comprehensive training for educators and administrators able to influence and manage organizational change at various levels in today’s education system.

The Master program is designed for those who seek roles as leaders in the field of education, exposing them to innovative research and practice in the leadership, management and administration of educa tional institutions.

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